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Polish Government Scholarship is awarded to international candidates on the basis of bilateral agreements. Monthly scholarship amounts to 900 PLN and it is supposed to cover the accommodation (dormitory) and living costs. Studies for scholarship holders are free of charge. Scholarships are funded by the Ministry of Science and Higher Education and administered by the Bureau for Academic Recognition and International Cooperation. To apply for scholarship foreigners should submit suitable documents to the Polish Embassies and  Consulates in their countries of residence.


Banach Scholarship Programme for master degree studies is addressed to graduates and last year students of Bachelor studies in the fields of science, natural sciences, technical studies, economics, European studies/European law. Eligible to apply are students from six Eastern Partnership countries: Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia, Moldova and Ukraine. Monthly scholarship amounts to 1350 PLN. Command of Polish language is necessary.


Konstanty Kalinowski Scholarship Programme is the largest programme in Europe for young Belarusians who have not been able to study in their country because of their political views. It helps Belarusian students to get access to the best Polish universities and promotes European values. The programme offers scholarships for bachelor, master and doctoral studies as well as research internships and postgraduate studies in all fields of studies. The Konstanty Kalinowski Scholarship Programme is coordinated by the Programme Bureau at the Centre for East European Studies at  University of Warsaw.


Ignacy Łukasiewicz Scholarship Programme is offered for the master degree studies (preceded by annual preparatory course to undertake studies in Poland) and for doctoral studies. Monthly scholarship amounts to 1350 PLN and it is supposed to cover the accommodation (dormitory) and living costs. Studies for scholarship holders are free of charge. The Programme is addressed to citizens of the developing countries, in the first place from the following countries: Angola, Ethiopia, Indonesia, Kenya, Colombia, Mexico, Myanmar, Mongolia, Mozambique, Nigeria, Republic of South Africa, Senegal, Tanzania, Vietnam.


Visegrad Scholarship Program is offered for nationals of the V4 countries (the Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland and Slovakia), as well as nationals of the V4 neighboring countries. Visegrad scholarships are awarded for 5 months (1 semester) or 10 months (2 semester) for master, doctoral and postgraduate studies as well as scientific research. It is possible to prolong the stay.


Rector’s Scholarship could be given to a student who obtained high GPA in the preceding year, has significant scientific achievements, artistic achievements or has achievements in sport on the national and/or international level. It could be granted to foreign students studying in Poland on the same conditions as Polish citizens (EU/EFTA nationals, holders of permanent residence permit, long-term EU-resident permit, Card of the Pole or refugee status).