Welfare Section

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The range of activities includes:

  •  cooperation with the University of Warsaw Students Self-Government regarding distribution of Financial Support  Fund and dormitories accommodation,
  • Financial Support Fund distribution,
  • informing university departments’ authorities about Financial Support Fund monthly limits,
  • checking on monthly scholarship lists made up by the university departments for social and housing scholarship, food grants and studies scholarship,
  • collecting applications for scholarships granted by the Minister of Education,
  • advising students and university staff about scholarships issues and how to proceed to get the scholarship of City Mayor,
  • checking lists of students lodged in dormitories and issuing personal letters for students,
  • team work with dormitories management to distribute rooms,
  •  health insurance issues,
  • cooperation with the University Department of Computer Application in the issues of USOS application to keep students records or the University Studies Statue.