studies on rules different than those pplicable to Polish citizens

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  • cizitens of non-EU or EFTA member countries, who do not meet the requirements to undertake and pursue studies on the terms applicable to Polish citizens (above)
  • citizens of EU or EFTA countries and members of their families, who decided to undertake studies in Poland on other terms than applicable to Polish citizens (e.g. as Polish scholarship holders)
  • holders of the valid Card of the Pole (pol. Karta Polaka), who resigned from study on the terms applicable to Polish citizens (e.g. they will study as Polish scholarship holders)

They can study on the following conditions:

  • on a tuition-fee paying basis
  • as Polish scholarship holders
  • free from charges and scholarships
  • as holders of scholarships awarded by the sending partner and free from tuition fee
  • as holders of scholarships from an educational institution