Records Section

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The range of activities includes:

  •  verifying new students data in the University Students Service System (USOS) put in by university departments for matriculation purpose,
  • working on a students’ register and updating,
  • checking on graduate diplomas issued by the university departments (Minister of Education and Sport Regulation of July 23, 2004)
  •  registration of awarded graduates diplomas,
  • diplomas university register based on USOS report (Regulation no. 8 of the Rector of Warsaw University re. diplomas and master thesis register),
  • registration of the university students organizations,
  • cooperation with the Bureau for Academic Recognition and International Exchange in the scope of international grants for Polish students,
  • advising students about university regulations, informing about  section activity,
  • cooperation with the University Department of Computer Applications in the issues of USOS application to keep students records or university statue.