Procedure for students during a coronavirus pandemic who would like to check out from the dormitory

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The procedure is dedicated for students who are accommodated in the dormitory but do not live there and for various reasons are not able to collect their things personally and settle the dormitory.

In that situation, the Student should write the authorization himself and send a scan or photo of the authorization from the student’s e-mail to the e-mail address of the dormitory in which she/he is accommodated. Student may authorize another resident of the dormitory by providing her / his name, surname, index number and ID number (ID card, passport) to:

– payment of fees if there is an arrears in payments,

– take all Student’s belongings out of the room, clean the room and put the Student’s belongings in the dormitory’s storage room,

– receive a deposit.

The condition for returning the deposit is, among other things, to pay for the dormitory.

You can check out from Monday to Friday from 9am to 1pm. Earlier you must inform the dormitory administration by e-mail about your intention to check out.


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Data publikacji: 16 czerwca 2020