International Section

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The range of activities includes: 

  • keeping records of foreign students’ course of  studies, data base,
  • writing administrative decisions taken by the Rector regarding foreigners’ course of studies,
  • reports of full time and part time foreign students, studies results
  • reports on studies results,
  • working on lists of foreign scholarship holders and monthly lists for scholarship payment
  • yearly reports for Central Statistical Office of Poland (GUS),
  • working on tuition fee schedules for UE candidates and non-EU citizens,
  • cooperation with university departments regarding foreign students studies course,
  • advising foreign students about their rights and obligations,
  • cooperation with the University Department of Computer Applications in the issues of USOS application to keep students records or University Studies Statue,
  • handling issues of legality of stay within territory of Poland for foreign students and university foreign teachers, procedures to obtain temporary residence cards.