How to apply for a place in a Student’s Dormitory from the pool of free places

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In the academic year 2020/2021, applying for a place in the dormitory from the pool of free places  will be held online via the Registration, like the registration for exams or classes at the University of Warsaw.

October 19, 2020, at 20:00, the registration for Student’s Dormitories of the University of Warsaw will be activated. If you apply for a place from a pool of free places, no statement of income or additional preferences will be taken into account.
Who can apply for a place from  the pool of free places:

– all first and second degree students, – all students of master’s degree,

– all students of the third degree (PhD),

– all students of the MOST Program,

– all students of the Preparatory Course for Foreigners.

as long as they have not moved in to any of the dormitories of the University of Warsaw till 19 October, 2020

How to apply for a place from a pool of free places STEP BY STEP:

  1. Go to the Registration site: and log in
  2. Enter: „REGISTRATION” (on the left).
  3. Open the „Registration for free places in dormitories”.
  4. Enter the name of the item group „Referrals to Dormitories”.
  5. Choose one of the listed items you want to register for: – Dormitory No. 1 – female places – Dormitory No. 1 – male places – Dormitory No. 2 – female places – Dormitory No. 2 – male places – etc. The application in which the wrong item is selected (wrong sex) will be rejected!!!
  6. Select: Group 1.
  7. Sign up for the Dormitory. If the registration is active and the limit is not exceeded, you will see the icon   “You are not registered for the class”. To register, click the shopping cart.
  8. If you make the registration, the icon will change to:  “You are registered for the class. To unsubscribe, click the shopping cart”.
  9. During the registration time, having registered to the dormitory, you will be able to unsubscribe pressing the same icon  .

If the registration is successful, your place in the dormitory is granted. On the next working day October 20, 2020 from 10 a.m., you can move into the dormitory. Accommodation for students who received a place from that registration will be until October 22, 2020.